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Anna Birstein
Art & Teaching

Art Education and Creation



Welcome to my Art School

Anna Birstein, USA


Individual Art Lessons

for children, all ages

& for adults 18+: Watercolor Lessons for beginners.

Art Instructor - Anna Birstein, an award-winning artist and an experienced educator with a background in Educational Psychology and Childhood Education.


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Learn more about Anna Birstein here:


Schedule & Price

I am now offering: 

For children (all ages):

Individual Art lessons, $80/hr.

Age-appropriate curriculum, flexible schedule, a home practice guide, individual portfolios with the description of each lesson, and a piece of original art every time! Sculpting, drawing, painting, and crafts!  

 For Adults:

Individual watercolor lessons (18+): $100/hr. 

watercolor workshop for beginners, 18+: A Six Saturdays Workshop, in a small group, every Saturday, 2 hours, $25 each ($150 total). Starts as the group is completed. Location: My Art Studio, Fox Chapel, PA. Directions will be provided. 

Decorating Easter Eggs

 “Every child is an artist. The problem is how to remain an artist once he grows up.”

Pablo Picasso

Contact Me

Thank you for your interest. To sign up for lessons, summer camps or for any other inquiries, please contact Anna Birstein Art @ Teaching or call  today.


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